Recruiting and attracting telecoms talent

Between changing businesses, digitalization of processes, talent shortages, and the quest for purpose, hiring and retaining employees remains a real challenge.

High-tech companies are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit amid fierce competition for attracting talent as demand for key roles skyrockets.

Indeed, demand for these skills is far outstripping supply, causing the global shortage of technical skills to reach its highest level since 2008.

86%So, the challenge of attracting tech talent is not new, but it is intensifying. Yet only a minority of companies have well-defined and proactive strategies to ensure a level of workforce stability in this challenging environment. Companies must now differentiate themselves and "kick it up a notch" by continuously adapting their strategies to align with market changes.

A multichannel approach to recruitment

Passive Candidates For Chantal David, Human Resources Manager at Ekinops, we need to rethink the way we recruit. Today, a company's website is not a strong enough “shop window” through which to attract the right talent. Companies must be more present and visible on social networks and with partners. This requires a consideration of various external communications approaches: “job dating” (speed dating for jobs), social networks, trade shows, professional groups and associations. Wherever you are in the world, you have to work through all available channels to achieve greater visibility and attract the right talent.

Passive Candidates Recruitment is becoming a “real-time” issue and companies must be more proactive. One approach to achieving this is rethinking how a company’s social media strategy aligns with its recruitment practices. We can no longer be satisfied with communicating only on standard networks. Social networks, and especially LinkedIn, are essential tools because they allow us to make contact, build, feed and animate a talent pool. This is becoming the main recruitment medium to help find talent.  

The expectations of future employees need to be better defined

Recruiting a new generation of candidates means facing different expectations. Today, salary is no longer the main reason for choosing a position. Indeed, if the company offers a pleasant and balanced work environment, flexible/hybrid working, and if it prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the salary becomes less important (but not unimportant). These factors not only attract candidates but also help retain talent. It is therefore important for companies to focus on the work environment: friendly spaces, implementation of telecommuting, mobility, quality of life at work, etc.

Recruiting employees who are just starting their careers also highlights the need for strategic collaborations. This can encompass partnerships with schools, whether through internships or work-study programs. At Ekinops, this is an approach that is becoming increasingly important, especially in R&D. Ekinops offers several internship opportunities and the company is involved in long-term partnerships with various schools, such as ENSSAT and Télécom Paris.

CSR, an area not to be overlooked

Beyond the employer brand and the mission statements, candidates look at CSR policies as a barometer of company values.

Passive Candidates Many candidates are looking for employers with which they share values and a common vision. CSR encompasses social, environmental and economic issues. Through its CSR policy, employers can now define their vision, missions, and also its ethical commitments. Ekinops is aware of the importance of CSR issues today and is working to become an attractive employer to those who take CSR seriously. One area of focus is to establish teams of which half are R&D engineers.

Ekinops, as a company at the cutting edge of technology, offers high-tech jobs for all those who want to have fun in rich and varied technological fields. Beyond tech positions, its roles are open to those who seek an international career, or who wish to develop a wide portfolio of skills. Ekinops offers multiple possibilities to those who want to make a difference.  

To join the ranks of a modern company, concerned about the well-being of its employees and respectful of environmental concerns, discover the full range of roles available on our recruitment page.