Virtualizing Wavelength Capacity

The digital transformation ongoing in both the enterprise and consumer markets requires an optical transport layer that is as flexible as the service layers it supports while also supporting the deterministic performance, high reliability and service security that can only be provided by more connection-oriented solutions.  The Ekinops360 ETSc compact OTN system leverages this field proven technology using the latest advances in network processor chipsets to enable a new ‘Transport-as-a-Service’ (TaaS) model.  TaaS virtualizes optical capacity and extends the benefits of OTN to the network edge to deliver more granular services that reach more customers.

Compact OTN for TaaS Service Delivery

Expands wavelength services market

Expands wavelength services market

Service providers can address smaller customers with lower bandwidth needs

Provides secure, dedicated connectivity

Provides secure, dedicated connectivity

Strict separation of traffic by service and customer enforced at Layer 1

Enables service differentiation

Enables service differentiation

Multiprotocol support allows any service to occupy any available bandwidth with a customized SLA

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