Until now Service Providers have been deploying on-premises management functionalities for SD-WAN and universal CPE (uCPE) services or have been leveraging OTT Solutions provided by 3rd party vendors and operated by vendors.

The multiplication of solutions and the needed adoption to enterprise expectations has made the  on-premises deployment more and more challenging for Service Providers and has impacted their agility and ability in delivering innovative solutions.

To support Service Providers in accelerating their go-to market, Ekinops introduces “Compose Cloud”, its SaaS solution for Service Providers.

Hosting Service

Compose Cloud is a hosting service designed for applications of the Ekinops management platforms. It leverages a reference architecture deployment model for rapid deployment, whilst highly available and secured.

Compose Cloud uses Microsoft Hub & Spoke Azure reference architecture and can be deployed in almost all Microsoft Azure regions.

Hosting Service
Management Solutions

Management Solutions

Compose Cloud offers management solutions for three main use cases:

  • Physical CPE pCPE management with OneManage
  • uCPE management with OneManage and Design Studio
  • SD-WAN or Smart Connect with Director / Controllers

NB: pCPE and uCPE can be managed by the same instance of OneManage.

A Set of Services

Compose Cloud hosting service is not just hosting, it also includes a set of services delivered by Ekinops:

  • A production application (of for instance OneManage) instance delivered by default in high availability mode with a 99.85 availability
  • A 2nd instance of that same application used for pre-production enabling Service Providers to securely plan and tests their next services launch or evolution
  • An infrastructure monitoring including security
  • An applications’ backup and disaster recovery in case of major incident
  • Coordination service with the Service Provider, to perform selected application upgrade twice a year.

Service Providers keep the FULL administration and ownership of the application(s) and, as such, remain completely in control of its customers and its services. 

For more details on the Ekinops management application capabilities please refer to their corresponding datasheets.

A Set of Services

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