Enable your Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) with a strong fiber core

Hybrid Fiber Coax, known as “HFC”, is the well-established cable access network architecture that uses the massive capacity fiber provides to deliver content from and between cable head ends. FlexRate -based optical transport solutions from Ekinops, capable of tuning their performance based on service demand, provide the most adaptable and economic WDM platform to address this application. Using FlexRate, MSOs can increase the capacity of an existing span up to 60X and eliminate the time and expense of building a new fiber network.

Read how Ekinops Fiber Deep solutions can help you improve your service offering with minimal time and expense.

Increase capacity

Increase capacity

without the expense of a new fiber network

Provide efficient 10G service aggregation

Provide efficient 10G service aggregation

to minimize the number of channels needed for transport across the metro core, reducing cost and simplifying wavelength management

Improve service offering with minimal time and expense

Improve service offering with minimal time and expense

Eliminate RF amplifiers and allocate any amount of spectrum without changing the outside plant

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Pluggable 600G FlexRate Transponder/Muxponder


Single Slot FlexRate Pluggable Transponder/Muxponder


10x10G Add/Drop Crossponder

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