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Enterprises are facing the challenges of an extremely distributed working environment. While enterprise offices will remain, each teleworker becomes a "tiny-enterprise" site requiring the same functionalities and security as if operating from the main office. Enterprises do have nomad users solutions but not made to self adapt to a quick and important shift in usage.

Home Office Connect

Home Office Connect

A teleworker CPE, easy to install and connecting the employee securely to its enterprise while enforcing enterprise rules.

Simple VPN

Simple VPN

Nomad users are managed in the SD-WAN domain like LAN users but securely connected to enterprise through VPN, thanks to a simple Windows 10 VPN client.

Centralized management

Centralized management

Home Office Connect and nomad users are managed from the Ekinops SD-WAN Director, simplifying the overall solution and granting higher security

Featured Products

SD-WAN Director

A true multi-tenant, multi-tier solution powering the Ekinops SD-WAN solution

Home Office connect CPE

lightweight CPE embedding carrier-grade 4G and WiFi to be deployed in teleworker home to ensure proper performance

SD-WAN Xpress

the latest OneOS6 built-in service is a simple and secured SD-WAN solution designed for SMEs or small sites of large enterprises.

Discover the full Compose family, addings value to networks through a software-defined approach

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