Ekinops understands that with the arrival of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) comes a new challenge for organizations in terms of resource management and knowledge acquisition.

Transitioning to virtualized network services often involves integrating hardware and software from multiple parties. Ekinops’ virtualization solutions are designed to be open and interoperable. Our engineering and field technical experts have acquired a high level of expertise thanks to their participation in multiple complex projects.

Ekinops proposes a series of call-off services to ensure a successful introduction of virtualized network services.

Third party VNF certification

Entrust the interworking of VNFs to Ekinops’ virtualization experts. Based on a statement of work, we can provide different levels of certification from functional and performance certification through to service integration for ready to launch service scenarios

Download the datasheet for the VNF Validation Services to find out more.

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uCPE Benchmarking

Although Ekinops offers a full turn-key solution for NVF, comprised of certified uCPEs, we also understand that a customer may prefer to acquire a non-certified third party uCPE. We can validate and provide performance and service benchmarking for your designated uCPEs.

uCPE Staging

Ekinops can provide factory staging and security staging services for:

  • Ekinops OVP Series of Products
  • Dell VEP Series of products, as part of the Dell authorized reseller activities
  • Validated Third-party uCPE products
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Open Virtualization (OVP) Starter Kit

Get your Virtualization project off to a quick start with the Ekinops OVP starter kit; a turn-key package comprised of:

  • OVP uCPE platform
  • Software packages: OneOS6-LIM  & Onev600 (vRouter)
  • Optional Ekinops VNFs and/or third party VNFs
  • Associated professional services

Contact us to discover how the Ekinops OVP starter kit can help you initiate your virtualization and how your teams can gain maximum knowledge transfer during the time our experts will dedicate their time to your project.

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