The Ekinops portfolio of professional services encompasses essential elements designed to assist customers from the initial stages of service design to post installation.

Ekinops has brought together a portfolio of professional services that have been designed to help service providers and partners limit operational expenditure costs, optimize resource usage, and strengthen the skillset of operations support teams.

Hardware Services

Ekinops can provide services that will enable customers to maximize the product lifetime.

  • Depending on the product line, warranty extension available for up to 5 years
  • Repair and refurbishment
Culture of Ekinops
Perks & Benefits

Product Customization

Simplify logistics procedures and benefit from operational savings, thanks to Ekinops' pre-staging at factory. Reduce costs even further by making use of zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) mechanism supported in OneOS6.

At Ekinops, we are supportive in the promotion of our customer's brand. From special labeling for facilitated stock management, through to complete brand personalization various options are available to promote your brand right to the customer premises.

Technical Support

Optimize your resources by calling the experts to assist you with service design and set-up. Ekinops can provide technical assistance either on-site or remotely. This service is based on a statement of works describing your needs and agreed deliverables.

Culture of Ekinops
Culture of Ekinops


Leverage the knowledge of operations teams and improve productivity by investing in Ekinops training.

Benefits of training staff:

  • Improve time to resolution and network availability
  • Increase in-house knowledge base
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Better control your operational costs

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