At Ekinops building secure solutions for our customers is in our DNA. As a European company with our own factory we ensure maximum security through-out the complete chain of production

Ekinops’ Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) is dedicated to delivering maximum security and protection from vulnerabilities for our solutions and products.

Vulnerability Management

The vulnerability response process is based on the following components:

  • Active monitoring and investigating of security vulnerabilities
  • Communication of Security Alert Bulletins (SAB)
  • Vulnerability remediation and fixing

At Ekinops we take security management one step further by providing a pro-active vulnerability service (PVS). As an add-on subscription to a support contract, customers may benefit from receiving SABs within specific time deadlines, including an early SAB delivered within 1 working day of the CVE release. Quarterly security reviews with Ekinops SIRT, and the option to receive the SABs in a readable format for an information security management system are also part of the package.

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Sanity Check

The sanity check service is designed to facilitate resource management and alleviate the security testing workload for Service Providers. Ekinops can provide a service whereby our security team experts will perform advanced security tests based on the  customer’s specific service configuration/s.

We will test the software package with the Customer’s service configuration against known vulnerabilities; resistance to external security attacks and identify abnormal behavior.

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