Ekinops is a leading provider of physical and virtual network functions to Service Providers worldwide. Our SD-WAN delivers scalable and flexible managed services to the network edge. Let our SD-WAN team help you with the design, build and validation of your SD-WAN service.

We can provide services that allow a quick start to SD-WAN without the heavy up-front investment.

SD-WAN Starter Kit

The goal of the SD-WAN starter kit is to enable service providers and partners to gain hands-on SD-WAN experience at a minimal investment.

As part of the SD-WAN starter kit you will receive the deliverables described below and the personal assistance of our SD-WAN experts, who will help you set-up your SD-WAN environment and service configuration.

Culture of Ekinops
Culture of Ekinops

Starter Kit Deliverables

  • pCPE: Ekinops will deliver several routers with multiple connectivity. This will enable to set-up a branch office configuration and a meshed environment
  • Ekinops private cloud: for a limited time Ekinops will provide access to a dedicated private cloud that will provide:
    • A per customer virtual SD-WAN controller server.
    • A multi-tenant SD-WAN Director for service provisioning and management.
  • The professional services of a SD-WAN system architect

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