Reducing the complexity of on-board services

Vessels are small worlds of their own, providing communication and other IT services to their crew and passengers. The Ekinops virtualization solution enables prioritization and management of the telecommunication traffic and connect it through satellite links with the rest of the world.

The connectivity solution for maritime is based on the Ekinops OneOS6-LiM virtualization infrastructure running on a universal CPE. It can host Virtual Network Functions enabling communications and IT applications for use onboard. The complete solution is automatically provisioned and managed through an on-shore control center.

Easy VNF Integration

Easy VNF Integration

The Ekinops solution can host any custom-built VNF (Virtual Network Function) thanks to the openness of the OneOS6-LIM virtualization environment. This is paramount for vertical market segments, like the maritime sector.



The full solution is deployed and maintained in a full ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning) way. The Ekinops OneManage provisioning server pushes full updates to the ships using the satellite link.



Maritime Service Providers manage their fleets with their own backend systems. These can be integrated seamlessly with the Ekinops OneManage ZTP server thanks to its open northbound interface.

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The Ekinops turnkey virtualization framework for uCPEs


A lightweight NFV orchestrator aggregating the role of Infrastructure Manager and VNF manager. Offers a true ZTP service.

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