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Ekibees: EKINOPS turns its rooftop into a refuge for bees

Here at Ekinops, we celebrate the diverse interests and passions of our employees. So when Damien Germain, Hardware Development Engineer at Ekinops, decided to turn the rooftop of our Lannion office into a refuge for bees, the team embraced the idea with open arms. From the coffee machine to the rooftop Passionate about nature, Damien had already installed about fifteen beehives at home, when in spring 2019, he had the clever idea of bringing his passion to work. After bringing up the idea with his colleagues during daily chats at the coffee machine, they were immediately keen. With the city of Paris counting over 2,000 rooftop hives, amateur beekeeping is booming in France. Fueled by the ongoing media coverage of the decline in bees and their crucial role in supporting our ecosystems, the country’s enthusiasm for beekeeping is a great example of small individual actions making a positiv
Today’s communication systems are fundamental to business success and, as a result, customers of both service providers (SPs) and managed service providers (MSPs) are putting more and more pressure on networks, demanding ongoing increases in control and flexibility.
It is widely understood that first-wave SD-WAN was conceived as an OTT solution, driven by two fundamental assumptions: the underlying network is both insecure and unreliable. Based on these assumptions, SD-WAN solutions have developed their functions to frequently assess network quality and define ultra-responsive solutions in instances of quality degradation. These assumptions, and the functions created in response have, however, created a mode of SD-WAN that is problematic and unsustainable.
We’re in a new era of networking expectations. Driven by major digital transformation projects at the enterprise level, SD-WAN technology has emerged as a compelling solution to satisfy demands for increasingly evolved networks. Its greater flexibility, programmability and control are all highly desirable functions which enable service providers to ensure the performance quality, and efficiency of business-critical networks.
Optical Transport Network (OTN) technology remains a key enabler in the wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) transport domain. Its ability to partition optical bandwidth to satisfy the demands of individual applications and services effectively dis
Hybrid Fiber Coax, known as “HFC”, is the well-established cable access network architecture.  As the name suggests, HFC consists of two separate media connecting a cable head-end to the subscriber.  While the coax portion that connects to
Last weekend, Christine Lesellier, part of Ekinops’ Sales administration team, made the 12-hour flight to Japan to participate in the IPF World Bench Press championships. Taking place on Saturday 18 th May in Tokyo, the event combined equipped bench
A growing number of Service Level Agreements (SLA) between customers and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are being expressed in terms of percentiles. This practice gives CSPs the opportunity to both refine the SLA collaboratively with their cu

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