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Access to fiber is usually the most difficult barrier to overcome when deploying a new network. All too frequently, adequate fiber is difficult to obtain and when it can be found, it’s expensive.

To address these issues of availability and cost, more and more service providers expanding into new service areas are looking at single fiber networks for the transport layer. At Ekinops, we’ve long understood the value of this approach and we’ve built all of our line modules from 10G to 600G to operate on both dual- and single fiber networks along with a complete line of amplifiers, filters and couplers so you can build a complete network from client port to client port.

Read how Ekinops single fiber solutions can help you speed deployment time and lower the cost of your network expansion.

Cuts fiber acquisition costs in half

Cuts fiber acquisition costs in half

by allowing bi-directional transport over a single strand of fiber

Speeds time to market

Speeds time to market

for new services & bandwidth by making it easier to locate suitable fiber and shortening time to revenue recognition

Increases network protection

Increases network protection

by allowing fiber pairs to be split across diverse routes and dedicating strands as working and protect

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