Communication and applications at the edge of your network

Vertical market segments need communication services as well as different and efficient business applications at the edge of their network. The Ekinops solution is based on the OneOS6-LiM virtualization environment running on a universal CPE.

The complete solution is automatically provisioned through the OneManage zero-touch provisioning application. In the above example, the solution hosts different business applications as a container (on a Rancher OS).



The uCPE can come in different sizes and can be easily scaled to store all application and data needed in the edge.

One box

One box

Thanks to the embedded routing and SD-WAN functions, the solution can efficiently combine the connectivity of the edge and hosting of the business applications on the same platform.



Ekinops' solution can be managed by multiple tiers. Service Providers can deliver a virtualization platform as a service (PaaS).



The solution is completely open to host any VNF or application, and is only based on open standards and open APIs.

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