• Pre-staging
  • Engineer, Furnish & Install
  • System test provisioning
  • Site survey

Enhanced stability and performance

Based on experience and structured processes, Ekinops service engineers deliver high quality, economic installation and implementation solutions that accelerate time-to-service and provide the foundation for enhanced stability and performance.

For example, EKINOPS Pre-Staging Service is a managed integration process performed by experienced Ekinops technical service engineers in our state-of-the-art production facility.

Culture of Ekinops
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Rapid turn-up

The pre-staged activities result in Ekinops delivery of a completely configured and tested system ensuring that all elements work right out of the box while virtually eliminating the possibility of “DOAs”. This significantly reduces the on-site installation, turn-up and testing expenses of the network operator and reduces time to service activation.

So no matter how many sites you have, or what level of deployment support you require, we have a cost-effective solution that can help your deployment and integration efforts.

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