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Connecting data centers within and across geographic regions with a wide area network comes with the challenge of deploying as much capacity as possible in the minimum space possible using as little power as possible. At the same time, your WAN solution has to be flexible so as to reach across any distance from a few kilometers to a few thousand with the security to prevent data from being intercepted in-flight between locations.

Read how Ekinops DCI solutions deliver the capacity you need where you need it.

Modular, pluggable line cards and optics

Modular, pluggable line cards and optics

to customize your solution. Combine service modules, amplifiers and ROADMs in a single chassis

High capacity, programmable line rates up to 600G

High capacity, programmable line rates up to 600G

Optimize your network performance for connectivity across town or across the country using a single line card

Small form factor

Small form factor

Ekinops360 offers the only solution that delivers 400G+ in 300mm form factor for deployment in telco-grade facilities. Install back-to-back in a single rack for 2.4Tbps capacity in 2RU

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Pluggable 600G FlexRate Transponder/Muxponder


Single Slot FlexRate Pluggable Transponder/Muxponder


10x10G Add/Drop Crossponder


FlexRate Muxponder

Discover full Optical Transport product family

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