Rockville, April 29th, 2024 – Ekinops (Euronext Paris - FR0011466069 – EKI), a leading optical transport and network access specialist, today announced that Valo Networks will be deploying its Ekinops360 WDM transport platform to deliver rural broadband connectivity in Red Deer County, AB, Canada.

Valo Networks, launched in 2019, specializes in operating next-generation fiber-optic and wireless networks. It is providing full turn-key service including the design, installation, commissioning, and ongoing operation of Red Deer County’s new fiber optic network in the province of Alberta. To serve Canadian communities like Red Deer County, Valo Networks created its Open Access Network (OAN) network architecture that provides scalable, accessible, and future-proof capacity that can be customized for individual communities.

Red Deer County contracted Valo Networks to oversee the expansion of broadband Internet services to thousands of rural residents under-served by existing private sector service providers. Rural Connect Ltd., a Municipal Controlled Corporation initiative, is receiving ongoing capital support from EQUS REA Ltd., an Alberta-based member-owned electricity provider, to serve both the village of Delburne and Red Deer County and to expand to support other municipalities province-wide.

Valo is building the new network using Ekinops360 WDM system starting at 10G, with the capability to scale to higher capacities as demand increases. Valo selected Ekinops for the openness, simplicity of use and cost-effectiveness of its transport solutions. Using Celestis NMS, Ekinops’ advanced network management system, Valo will be able to expand and upgrade its network over time and even introduce new technologies such as OTN and SDN, without increasing the complexity of network operations. Ekinops history of innovation and stable, western-based supply chain, were also factors in its selection.

“The key to our OAN architecture is its openness at all network layers,” commented Michael Stelck, Chief Commercial Officer of Valo Networks. “The Ekinops360 fits perfectly into that model and its ease of use will help keep operations and maintenance costs down which make up our biggest cost across the whole network lifecycle.”

Mayor Jim Wood of Red Deer County was quoted as saying “This project will provide wideranging benefits to our community as a whole. Agriculture is a major component of our economy, and it will go a long way in helping our farms access modern precision-farming methods and technologies while also connecting our schools, businesses and residences.”

“Delivering rural broadband connectivity is an increasingly important issue across both the U.S. and Canada,”  “Service providers like Valo Networks that focus on rural communities are playing a critical role in bridging the digital divide and Ekinops is proud to be able to contribute to their efforts.”

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About Ekinops

Ekinops is a leading provider of open, trusted and innovative network connectivity solutions to service providers around the world. Our programmable and highly scalable solutions enable the fast, flexible, and cost-effective deployment of new services for both high-speed, high-capacity optical transport as well as virtualization-enabled managed enterprise services.

Our product portfolio consists of three highly complementary product and service sets: EKINOPS360, OneAccess and Compose.

  • EKINOPS360 provides optical transport solutions for metro, regional and long-distance networks with WDM for high-capacity point-to-point, ring, and optical mesh architectures, and OTN for improved bandwidth utilization and efficient multi-service aggregation.
  • OneAccess offers a wide choice of physical and virtualized deployment options for access network functions.
  • Compose supports service providers in making their networks software-defined with a variety of software management tools and services, including the scalable SD-WAN Xpress and SixSq Edge-to-Cloud solutions.

As service providers embrace SDN and NFV deployment models, Ekinops enables future-proofed deployment today, enabling operators to seamlessly migrate to an open, virtualized delivery model at a time of their choosing.

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