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EKINOPS (Euronext Paris - FR0011466069 – EKI), a leading provider of open and fully interoperable Layer 1, 2 and 3 solutions to network operators, today announces it has enabled Hutchison Drei Austria ("Drei") to continue offering legacy ISDN services (delivered over traditional public telephone lines) during its migration to an IP-based system, preventing service disruption for customers.

Austrian carrier realizes pain-free digital transformation, continuing to deliver legacy fixed-line services without end-user disruption

Drei is a leading Austrian carrier and part of the ”Three”-brand, delivering voice telephony, Internet access and other digital services to both businesses and consumers.

EKINOPS has enabled seamless IP migration by using the existing infrastructure of Drei for both legacy TDM (time-division multiplexing) and new IP-based data services. The OneAccess branded solution, based on either its ONE700, ONE526 or ONE1526 voice-data gateways, converts Drei’s ISDN services into SIP with a built-in DSL modem, connecting existing telephone lines to the Internet with an advanced feature set that supports both legacy and IP.

End customers can now be offered a full-scope of services on the same platform, with ISDN delivered without service disruption or an infrastructure upgrade (such as private branch line exchanges (PBX)). Voice-only customers are now also given the option to upgrade their data services.

"In the migration to a fully IP-based world, it is vital to continue supporting existing customers including those still keen to maintain use of traditional services," commented Matthias Baldermann, CTO of Hutchison Drei Austria. "Migration to new platforms rarely comes without disruption, so we were delighted when EKINOPS proposed a solution utilizing our existing infrastructure. Not only have we safeguarded our large existing ISDN customer base, we have also added the flexibility to offer value-added services when they choose to upgrade."

Frank Dedobbeleer, VP Sales EMEA at Ekinops: "As aging networks incur high maintenance costs and customers continue to demand traditional services, carriers globally are faced with a dilemma: lose existing customers or fall behind in the path to digital transformation. By supporting both the old and the new, our solutions remove this problem and enable carriers to define a migration path according to customer demand, not technology obsolescence. Now, Drei can serve new IP-based customers and continue to support those that require legacy ISDN. The costs and disruption caused by network migration projects can be staggering. With our combined ISDN and SIP expertise, we’ve helped Drei minimise such impacts."

About Ekinops

EKINOPS is a leading provider of open and fully interoperable Layer 1, 2 and 3 solutions to service providers around the world. Our programmable and highly scalable solutions enable the fast, flexible and cost-effective deployment of new services for both high-speed, high-capacity optical transport as well as virtualization-enabled managed enterprise services.

Our product portfolio consists of three highly complementary product and service sets: EKINOPS 360, OneAccess and Compose. EKINOPS 360 provides optical transport solutions for metro, regional and long-distance networks with WDM for high-capacity point-to-point, ring and optical mesh architectures, and OTN for improved bandwidth utilization and efficient multi-service aggregation.

OneAccess offers a wide choice of physical and virtualized deployment options for Layer 2 and Layer 3 access network functions.

Compose supports service providers in making their networks software-defined with a variety of software management tools and services, including the scalable SD-WAN Xpress. As service providers embrace SDN and NFV deployment models, EKINOPS enables future-proofed deployment today, enabling operators to seamlessly migrate to an open, virtualized delivery model at a time of their choosing.

A global organization, EKINOPS (EKI) - a public company traded on the Euronext Paris exchange - is headquartered in Lannion, France, and EKINOPS Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary, is incorporated in the USA.

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