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The 4Gable Future: Enterprise LTE Goes Far Beyond Corporate Mobility

Lift the lid on most ‘LTE in the enterprise’ discussions and it quickly becomes evident that LTE’s corporate mobility ‘revolution’ is in full effect. And rightly so. Dawn has well and truly broken on the IP/GSM-converged age of LTE and time-starved, frequent-flying execs across the world are now basking in the morning rays of the globally-supported, superfast standard. But enterprise LTE should be about more than ensuring the CEO can get email on their iPad the next time they’re in Japan. What has, arguably, much further reaching implications for today’s enterprise (and has so far, been far less celebrated), is how else LTE can be put to use in the networked enterprise. When used ‘behind the scenes’, for example, in unison with the organization’s other communications links, such as fiber, DSL and Wi-Fi, LTE has the power to help the entire enterprise WAN raise its game. This means there
I think that it is fair to say that the business communications services market is going through one of its most challenging periods at the moment as CSPs struggle to come to terms with the demand for faster, more reliable and feature-rich services f
There is no doubt that the operational and financial appeal of “The Cloud” is gaining more traction each year and across a wider spectrum of businesses, with Gartner[1] predicting that more than half of IT spend will be Cloud related in 2016 and over

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