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Long Haul & Submarine Transport

Long Haul transport networks present difficult challenges simply due to their distance. Submarine networks, meanwhile, have their own unique requirements that typically demand special-purpose equipment for subsea use accompanied by specialized skill sets to operate.

Long Haul transport networks require more amplification and regeneration sites than metro networks and they are also operationally difficult as even routine activities such as wavelength turn-up and tuning typically require dispatching technicians to remote areas many miles from the nearest support site. Unplanned events such as outages and fiber breaks only compound the cost and difficulty.

Inter-connectivity between submarine and terrestrial networks can be difficult, frequently requiring back-to-back interconnection that doubles the number of transponder cards required.

The EKINOPS 360 optical transport platform is a high capacity system capable of Ultra-Long Haul transport up to 10,000 Km and can be deployed in both terrestrial and submarine networks. It helps lower your transport costs by reducing the number of amplifier and regeneration sites required ("hut skipping") to get traffic from Point A to Point B on long haul routes. EKINOPS offers 10G, 100G and even 200G Long Haul solutions to get the most data possible as far as possible as fast as possible.

Ekinops' PM 200FRS02 and PM 200FR20 FlexRate modules offer flexible modulation capability that allows network operators to optimize the trade-off between bit rate and distance so that they can get the most out their transport network investment. Supporting 2x100G and 20x10G client ports respectively, these FlexRate modules have extended reach capability up to 10,000 Km. A built-in Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) allows the operator to control the output power and customize the reach to match their requirements.

The heart of EKINOPS' Long Haul solution is our optical low noise amplifier technology that uses a combination of advanced erbium doped fiber amplification (EDFA) and Raman amplification to deliver single span reach over 400Km with no inline amplification. Our PM OA HCS is a high performance, EDFA-based Variable Gain Optical Amplifier that provides 17dBm or 20dBm of output power to achieve a single span reach over 300Km and can be used in single fiber applications. It also includes an Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) so it can be provisioned and managed remotely from a centralized NOC.

Adding EKINOPS PM_ORA14 Raman Amplifier increases transport distances to over 400 Km. For submarine applications, this reach can be further increased using EKINOPS RM RAP and CM ROA modules that deliver Remote Optically Pumped Amplifier (ROPA) capability. This combination of EDFA, Raman and ROPA can extend single span reach to over 450 Km making it ideal for unrepeatered festoon networks.

Of course, deploying and provisioning a network over these distances is its own challenge. To address that, the 360 platform offers automatic system turn-up and tuning with its Celestis LightUp network management tool. Once the network is commissioned, EKINOPS' Celestis Optimizer application tool can balance the power of each individual channel to obtain optimal flatness at the receive site. Celestis Optimizer automatically accounts for power fluctuations due to fiber aging and new channel adds and drops without requiring manual intervention. Both Celestis LightUp and Celestis Optimizer can be operated from a remote NOC which means a single technician can do all of the commissioning and power balancing without having to roll a truck.

Whether deployed in a greenfield type new-build network or as an Alien wavelength over existing infrastructure, EKINOPS advanced technology and system automation capabilities provide a two-pronged approach to help you reduce the costs and simplify the deployment and provisioning of your network.

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    EKINOPS (Euronext Paris - FR0011466069 – EKI), a leading supplier of optical transport equipment and router solutions for service providers and telecom operators, today announces successful certification of its media gateways in-line with BT’s Wholesale Hosted Communications (WHC) requirements.

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    Following the announcement of the collaboration between EKINOPS and VeloCloud by VMware in March 2019, the two companies have worked to bring the solution to a new level. Now, VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud VNF has achieved Integration Level 4 certification on EKINOPS OVP uCPE. This highest level of certification enables service providers to adopt the solution of “EKINOPS OVP uCPE and VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud” with confidence.


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