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Alien Wavelengths

The EKINOPS 360 optical transport system provides the most operationally efficient and cost effective method for deploying alien wavelengths.

The unprecedented increase in data, video and mobile usage is leading to rapid fiber exhaust, years ahead of the end-of-life scenarios expected by many carriers when they deployed their existing networks.

The problem is most operators have neither the time nor the budget to light another fiber pair, usually the go to method for adding more capacity. With demand coming from every corner of the network, more and more operators are turning to alien wavelengths over their existing lit fiber infrastructure to lower the cost and speed the time required to service deployment.

Alien waves provide a fast, easy and inexpensive method for adding capacity to existing systems. Many existing networks may be limited to 40, 32 or even 16 10G channels with little room for expansion. High capacity, coherent solutions from EKINOPS provide an instant bandwidth upgrade of 100G or even 200G of capacity without having to reengineer existing services. Capable of running alongside existing 10G wavelengths, EKINOPS coherent solutions are field proven, running in multiple customer networks today, even on spans where dispersion compensation already exists.

Depending on the distance and bandwidth requirements of the operator, the EKINOPS 360 optical transport platform delivers 100G of new capacity in 1RU using our RM 10001-WB and RM 10010-WB shelves, or 6 x 200G in our 2RU C200HC chassis with our advanced PM 200FRS02 and PM 200FR20 FlexRate solutions. By being able to replace ten or even twenty 10G channels, EKINOPS alien wavelength solutions allow operators to not just add but also reclaim capacity on the line system. Rolling existing 10G wavelengths onto our 100G or 200G muxponder solutions allows operators to free up ports on existing muxes and ROADMs for future capacity expansion.

Capable of supporting 100GHz, 50GHz or Flexgrid networks and up to 80 tunable channels on 50GHz spaced networks, EKINOPS solutions require no guard band in most networks as EKINOPS coherent technology is compatible with existing modulation schemes and channel plans.

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