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ComposeNetworks Made Smart

Compose adds value to networks through a software-defined approach.
Compose augments networks with, amongst others,
virtualized services, SD-WAN, and security.


Compose provides a store of EKINOPS services such as routing, security, and SD-WAN alongside over 30 certified third-party services delivered as Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

At the heart of Compose lies OneOS6, the modular software solution enabling a full range of built-in software services that can be activated remotely and on-demand. Fully open, OneOS6 transforms any of EKINOPS' own and third-party hardware into a multi-service platform.


“Built-in” Services

the latest OneOS6 built-in service

To support SD-WAN, EKINOPS has extended OneOS6 with built-in SD-WAN functions.

EKINOPS customers deploying OneOS6 capable CPE devices can offer SD-WAN to their installed based through a simple license activation. It simplifies customer deployment, spares management, hardware qualification and the overall integration within its OSS/BSS.

EKINOPS leverages the latest standardized networking technology to deliver “simple” products to service providers to integrate and support within their existing portfolio, limiting the need for a complete re-certification program.

SD-WAN Xpress is a simple and secured SD-WAN solution designed for SMEs or small sites of large enterprises:

  • True multi-tier, multi-tenant, one-box solution, now available in any OneOS6-enabled hardware platform
  • Full-featured SD-WAN solution highly tailored to each service providers' individual requirements

One-box Solution

SD-WAN Xpress is a service included in OneOS6 and available on all EKINOPS pCPE and uCPE routers. Xpress is also available on our vRouter VNF to run on any white boxes.

With all EKINOPS functions available to be enabled on demand by activating micro-services containers via its single OS (OneOS6), the EKINOPS portfolio is fully Cloud-ready, cost effective and has reached new levels of flexibility.
A single-device approach for all configurations, all services

A single-device approach for all configurations, all services

Simple to deploy

Simple to deploy

Light management and footprint

Light management and footprint

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The Key to
Enabling Mass Market Adoption


The Rise of SD-WAN
Time to Cross the Chasm


Enabling Mass-Market Adoption


How EKINOPS helps Service Providers deliver on the promises of SD-WAN



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