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PM O10010

Pluggable 100G OTN Muxponder

PM O10010

Pluggable 100G OTN-based muxponder with ten 10GbE SFP+ client ports. Single coherent 100G OTU4 CFP line port with G.709 FEC. Used for efficient aggregation and transport of 10GbE services over standard OTN network.

Schema C10x10G L1 OTU4
Supporting 10x10G SFP+ client interfaces

The EKINOPS 360 optical transport platform continues to evolve with the EKINOPS PM O10010 Pluggable 100G OTU4 Muxponder. To meet the growing demand for access aggregation and metro/regional transport of 10G-based services to OTN backbones, an efficient ingress and egress is required. Increasingly, service providers want to select best-of-breed technologies for different network applications for reasons of both cost and performance and expect them to interoperate seamlessly as traffic moves from one network segment to another. As a result, EKINOPS has added standards-based OTN capability to our patented T CHIP® (Transport on-a-Chip technology), so it is both compatible with existing EKINOPS systems and fully interoperable with a multi-vendor environment including OTN switched networks. The PM O10010 uses all pluggable optics supporting ten 10G SFP+ client interfaces and one CFP-based OTU4 line port using either 1310nm or coherent 1550nm WDM optics.


The EKINOPS PM O10010 module can be managed through SNMP or via the EKINOPS standard element level management interfaces, which include a Command Line Interface (CLI) and an EKINOPS java-based Graphical User Interface (GUI). The CLI is accessible via Secure Socket Shell (SSH) and Telnet remotely or via a local serial port locally on the management board.

Complete performance monitoring and management are provided, including laser shutoff and local and remote loopback, useful for maintenance and fault isolation.

Digital Diagnostics Management (DDM) is supported for SFP+ and CFP interfaces. This includes link status, transmit (TX) and receive (RX) signal powermonitoring, and operational temperature, as well as manufacturer and transceiver model information essential for inventory management.

A 10 Mbps in-band Data Communications Channel (DCC) is embedded in the OTN General Communications Channel (GCC) on the line side for remote management.

The EKINOPS PM O10010 module is also supported by Celestis NMS, the EKINOPS advanced Network Management System.

  • 100G OTN Muxponder aggregating 10x10GbE with OTU4 line side
  • OTU4 line can be switched through any standards-based OTN mesh network
  • Assured interoperability in multi-vendor environments — fully G.709 compliant
  • Pluggable Module compatible with all EKINOPS chassis already installed in the field
  • Economical agnostic SFP(+) interfaces for client side interfaces
  • Pluggable CFP-based line interface

The EKINOPS PM O10010 is designed for high capacity access aggregation and metro/regional transport applications. It can efficiently groom traffic — whether from a cell tower, campus, enterprise or office building — and deliver it to an OTN switched backbone network with native a OTN handoff. This level of aggregation allows network operators to improve bandwidth efficiency on their fiber while OTN allows customers to easily connect to any location whether across town or across the globe. Service providers can also use it to add capacity to exhausted metro rings by deploying the coherent WDM line signal as an Alien wavelength over any standard 50GHz or 100GHz spaced ITU-T grid.

Schema aggregator OTN backbones
Figure 1: Using the EKINOPS PM O10010 as aggregator to OTN backbones
  • Improving bandwidth and spectral efficiency via access aggregation of multiple 10GbE customer traffic streams into a single coherent 100G wavelength
  • Metro/Regional transport into/from OTN transport or core-switched network
  • Capacity addition as an Alien wavelength over existing metro network

OTN capable transponder and muxponders


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