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PM ETS1002-L2C-A

Dual 100G Line Module for ETS Platform

PM ETS1002-L2C-A

Dual 100G line module for ETS platform with two 100G CFP2 ports

EKINOPS PM ETS1002-L2C-A is a multiprotocol 100G service aggregation module for the EKINOPS Transport Switch (ETS). It provides efficient switching of 100 Gigabit Ethernet as wells as OTU4 clients and extends the transport capabilities for router and switch ports using high speed coherent links with complete transparency. With this capability, each service can be managed individually across any OTN-based metro or backbone network, and even across multiple network boundaries. The PM ETS1002-L2C-A can also act as a gateway for lower rate services when they are handed off as a 100G interface and the individual services can be switched through the ETS fabric.

  • Dual 100G ports
  • Multiprotocol client support
  • Tunable DWDM or gray optics
  • Cost efficient CFP2 pluggable interfaces
  • 200G capacity in a single-slot
  • Direct LAN, WAN, SAN or TDM network interconnection
  • Transparent transport for any service type
  • OTU4 regeneration function
  • LO and HO transparent transport via ODU4
  • Standard G.709 mapping & FEC
  • Backbone and metro core packet/OTN switched networks
  • Data center interconnection (DCI)
  • Storage area networks (SAN)
  • Multiprotocol service aggregation
  • Network demarcation and interconnectivity
  • Wholesale networks
  • Router offload/bypass

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