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40 and 80 channel ROADMs, 4 degree ROADMs


Pluggable 4-degree WSS-based reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer module. Supports either 40 or 80 channels.

The EKINOPS PM ROADMs are low cost, highly scalable, extremely flexible 2 to 8 degree ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexers) modules. These modules allow optical networks to be built without the usually necessary rigorous planning required to determine at what sites wavelengths are to be dropped.

ROADMs allow for the dropping of any wavelengths in the optical spectrum at sites where they are installed. There are no limitations on the number of wavelengths or which wavelengths can be dropped as would be the case with traditional optical add drop multiplexers. In addition, these modules allow for the dynamic, software programmable, routing of wavelengths throughout complex optical networks. When these modules are utilized at optical route junctions, wavelengths can be routed from one optical route to another without the need to terminate and regenerate with transponders as would normally be the case.

Unlike most ROADMs, the PM ROADMs offered by EKINOPS utilize a cost-effective technology that dramatically lowers the cost of initially deploying ROADMs in your network but still allows you to scale to the same extent as more expensive ROADM solutions on the market. EKINOPS ROADM F40-H4 and ROADM F80-H4 can be inexpensively utilized to build a 2 degree ROADM and allow for incremental growth of up to 8 degrees. Adding an EKINOPS ROADM F40-H4 or ROADM F80-H4 to such a ROADM node allows for building a directionless ROADM node. The EKINOPS ROADM F40-H4 is a 40 channel ROADM and the ROADM F80-H4 is an 80 channel ROADM.

Furthermore in combination with the EKINOPS RM OC16 optical coupler and coherent optical interfaces colorless ROADMs can be designed.

  • Eliminates the need for complex planning of wavelengths prior to installing an optical network
  • Economical to deploy as compared to other ROADM solutions on the market
  • The directionless and colorless capabilities allow for full flexibility of adding and dropping wavelengths at add drop sites
  • Ability to dynamically reroute wavelengths between optical spans without the need for transponders
  • Software programmable
  • Metro / Regional networks
  • Ideal for mesh-type networks
  • Fault and disaster recovery; network failures / fiber cuts
  • Dynamic bandwidth and traffic reroute for business critical applications, triple
    and quadruple play applications

Optical Add & Drop modules

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