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Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer, 4 Wavelengths (Bidirectional)


Rackable 1RU 4-channel, dual sided bi-directional optical add/drop multiplexer shelf with mid-access point and Exteneded Temperature Range capability from -40 °C to +65 °C.

Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (OADMs) are used as a very efficient means to add or drop wavelengths at intermediate sites along a fiber route. They provide connectivity to those sites without the need to DMUX all the wavelengths on the fiber.

However, many rural and remote network operators can not take advantage of the functionality that OADMs offer because the majority of them were not engineered and manufactured to accommodate many of their rural or remote facilities.

The EKINOPS RM OADM4R-ETR is a purpose-built OADM solution for remote, environmentally challenged sites. At 1RU, it requires minimum space, requires no power, and because it is temperature-hardened, the site does not require heating, venting, or air conditioning. All of this eliminates the need for any costly upgrades to the remote facilities.

The EKINOPS RM OADM4R-ETR solution also provides extremely low insertion loss which allows you to maximize the number of remote sites between hub locations. Not to mention, the flexible amplifier options (none, before, and middle port) further lowers overall network costs.

schema EW
Figure: EKINOPS RM OADM4R-ETR Signal Flow


The inherent capabilities of the EKINOPS RM OADM4R-ETR make it a perfect fit for the rural network operator and vast area they service. Because of its size and flexible mounting options, it can be placed in the smallest of enclosures (pedestal, in-ground, cabinet, LGX, etc.), or you can take advantage of one of Ekinops’ pre-configured enclosure options. And, like all of EKINOPS products, it was designed and engineered to provide maximum reach, so it is idealy suited for the significant distances that can exisit between rural sites.

Wavelength utilization and efficiency is one of the key attributes to the EKINOPS RM OADM4R solution. The OADMs are used to add / drop up to four (4) wavelengths (bidirectional) at each remote site. The added / dropped wavelengths can be common or unique to each remote location and they are only added / dropped where needed. The multi-wavelength solution not only delivers unmatched capacity to each remote location (as much as 400G), but also allows for traffic separation (by carrier, type, customer, etc.). The remaining wavelengths are expressed through the site to maintain maximum optical performance.

Schema OADM 4R ETR
Figure: Section of Network
  • Ability to deliver super high-capacity bandwidth to any rural location
    • 40G (10G wavelengths) or 400G (100G wavelengths)
    • Supports 10G and 100G simutaneously
  • Temperature hardened for environmentally challenged sites (-40ºC to +65ºC)
  • Minimum footprint required (1RU)
    • flexible mounting options available
    • fits in standard 19” rack
  • No power required (passive device)
  • Ability to efficiently add-drop up to 4 channels (10G or 100G)
  • Access to Composite signal at OADM mid stage for amplification and dispersion compensation
  • NEBS Level 3 Compliant
  • Low insertion loss:
    • add/drop = 2.0 dB
    • express = 3.7 dB
  • Pre-configured enclosure options available
  • Easy to maintain – no active components
  • Cell tower | Mobile Backhaul
  • Residential Backhaul
  • Metro / Regional / Long-haul Networks
  • Point to point, linear, ring, star and mesh topologies

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