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Because EKINOPS is not dependent on "off the shelf" technologies produced by others for new capability, EKINOPS can deliver functionality to customers ahead of the market.

Amongst such capabilities is EKINOPS' state of the art Forward Error Correction (DynaFEC) that allows the 360 system to go further through the use of software rather than expensive hardware.

Other capabilities include EKINOPS' leading edge service multiplexing technology that allows EKINOPS to multiplex virtually any mix of service types and rates over a single wavelength allowing for efficient use of infrastructure that allows EKINOPS' customers to protect and reuse their investment in 10G when migrating to 100G, 200G or beyond.


Optical Transport Intelligence onto a Single Powerful, Flexible Device

Our market unique Transport on-a-Chip Technology is core to all of our products. EKINOPS has reduced all of the electronics on a transport system into a single chip.

This :

  • Adds ease of manufacturing (the only thing that distinguishes line cards is firmware) which reduces time to market,
  • Reduces our footprint and power consumption,
  • Makes our product much more cost effective than others on the market.

In addition, the T-Chip is fully programmable and field upgradeable helping us help our customers protect their investment.

Taking optical transport equipment to a new level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, EKINOPS introduced the T-Chip, which encompasses all transport functionality in a single device and shatters the concept of transport as a commodity.

The T-Chip, in development for several years, is being introduced for EKINOPS' flagship product platform, the EKINOPS 360, and its broad line of application modules. The EKINOPS 360 is the carrier-class optical transport platform for metro, regional, and long-haul CWDM and DWDM networks, able to aggregate or transport any Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET, or SDH client protocol from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps, 200Gbps and beyond.

With the T-Chip, EKINOPS offers a device that can be programmed for virtually any type of functionality. Because the company has embedded all the intelligence for handling all existing protocols into the T-Chip, interactivity and interoperability between the protocols is simplified. This, combined with both fully programmable line and client protocols, enables EKINOPS to produce unprecedented protocol gateways like the already available LAN PHY to WAN PHY capability.

In addition, the T-Chip enables EKINOPS to port features from one platform to another, and any newly developed feature becomes automatically available to all the transport platforms via line card changes or in-field software upgrades. Finally, the T-Chip allows EKINOPS to deliver new protocol support ahead of industry chip sets, such as the soon-to-be-announced video transport solution.

Carriers want and need technology that enables them to provide services today but also positions them to move rapidly to new generations of services tomorrow, and the T-Chip provides just that. By incorporating the T-Chip into our equipment, we can deliver that equipment more quickly and cost-effectively to our carrier and enterprise customers, assuring them of the ultimate in upgradeability as it becomes necessary"

The first EKINOPS product to be shipped with the T-Chip has been the video module. "Thanks to the T-Chip, EKINOPS was able to develop that module and have it ready to ship within four months from its inception.

By removing the complexity of multiple chip sets, it enables us not only to design, manufacture, and deliver equipment to customers more quickly, but we can respond almost instantly to changing field requirements. Additionally, this concentration of capabilities in a single chip has reduced the power requirements of our equipment significantly. That is a tremendously important issue to our customers as they seek to make their networks more environmentally friendly.

In its own tests, EKINOPS has seen the T-Chip reduce power consumption by as much as 40 percent compared with existing equipment.

The T-Chip also provides "future protection" for EKINOPS customers, because virtually any technology that carriers or enterprises want to migrate to can be provided quickly via the T-Chip, and in many cases, will come via a simple firmware upgrade.

DynaMUX is EKINOPS' industry leading multiplexing technology. DynaMUX allows us to multiplex any mix of protocols over a single wavelength and over any protocol on that wavelength. Few systems can do this but those that do typically use OTN (G.709) for line transmission when multiplexing more than one protocol type over a single wavelength.

Why introduce yet another protocol to your network just to provide transparency and multiplexing flexibility ? It is just something else to manage ! If your network is Ethernet for instance and all you want to do is pick up a few legacy SONET/SDH services, why not transport them over Ethernet without having to use circuit emulation giving you only one protocol in your network to manage but still giving you the resiliency and reliability of SONET/SDH for the SONET/SDH services you are carrying.

Our Dynamic FEC technology provides industry leading gain/distance to our networks without the need for more expensive amplifiers. DynaFEC is a forward error correction technology that uses software algorithms to eliminate errors in transmission allowing EKINOPS to push networks further.

The EKINOPS DynaFEC technology provides 10dB worth of gain which is the highest in the industry.

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