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Zito Media Deploys EKINOPS Equipment in 100G Network Ring Around Pennsylvania

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Zito Media Deploys EKINOPS Equipment in 100G Network Ring Around Pennsylvania

Zito Media, provider of video, Internet, and phone services to 110 communities in 16 U.S. states, has deployed a 100 gigabit per second fiber-optic ring around the state of Pennsylvania, using equipment from Ekinops.

Pennsylvania-based Zito Media is using its new high-capacity optical network to provide mobile backhaul services as well as high-speed services to commercial and public sector customers.

The 360 system from Ekinops, a leading supplier of next-generation optical network equipment, is the foundation for the 100G network. EKINOPS is providing a mix of traditional and extended temperature range gear, including muxponders, amplifiers, and optical multiplexers.

Zito Media originally looked at increasing bandwidth by aggregating a series of 10 gigabit per second links. The service provider chose EKINOPS because of the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of its 100G solution. The 100G approach also better positions Zito Media for handling future customer growth.

With the EKINOPS equipment now in place, Zito Media can serve its customers' wide range of bandwidth needs in urban and rural communities, and is assured of being able to reliably meet its service level agreement standards.

"Our goal has always been to provide our customers with the best possible level of video, data, and voice services," said Randy Vanderheiden, Vice-President Engineering of Zito Media. "This high-capacity network is part of our ongoing commitment to technological innovation and the delivery of new and advanced services."

"Because Zito Media is using our equipment, they essentially have a 100G network for less than the cost of 40G capacity, or four 10G channels," explained Kevin Antill, Vice-President Sales of Ekinops. "They can now take advantage of a far more robust network that can readily accommodate their customer growth."

  • Customer Name (Company): About Zito Media
  • Customer Description:

    Zito Media is the telecommunications company that provides TV (including Digital Cable), High-Speed Internet, and Digital Phone Services to numerous communities across 16 states.

    Zito is headquartered in Potter County, PA, and we are independently owned and operated. Our staff and management team are well-seasoned and we are passionate about providing great products and services, coupled with responsive customer care.

    Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible level of Video, Data, and Voice Services. Zito is committed to an ongoing culture of technological innovation, and as such, we will continue to deliver new and advanced services as they become available.

  • Customer Link (Website): Visit ZITO MEDIA Website
  • About Ekinops: About EKINOPS
  • EKINOPS Boilerplate:

    EKINOPS is a leading supplier of next generation optical transport equipment for telecommunications service providers. The EKINOPS 360 addresses Metro, Regional, and Long-Haul applications with a single, highly-integrated platform. EKINOPS is a market-leading innovator in 100G transport with a coherent line of products that truly optimizes optical networks and comes in 1RU, 2RU or 7RU chassis.

    The EKINOPS 360 relies on the highly-programmable EKINOPS T-Chip (Transport-on-a-Chip) architecture that enables fast, flexible and cost-effective delivery of new services for high-speed, high-capacity transport. Using the EKINOPS 360 carrier-grade system, operators can simply increase capacity of their networks – CWDM, DWDM, Ethernet, ESCON, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, and uncompressed video (HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI).

    EKINOPS is headquartered in Lannion, France, and EKINOPS Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary, is incorporated in the USA.

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