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Symphony deploys EKINOPS Flagship Multi-Service Multi-Reach Optical Transport Platform in Bangkok Metropolitan network

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Symphony deploys EKINOPS Flagship Multi-Service Multi-Reach Optical Transport Platform in Bangkok Metropolitan network

EKINOPS announced today that Symphony has selected Ekinops’ 360 Multi-Service Multi-Reach transport platform, a next generation optical networking solution to aggregate and transport Gigabit Ethernet circuits over Symphony’s 10G optical architecture. Symphony selected Ekinops’ network solution to address the fast growing networking requirements of its carrier and ISP customers in the metropolitan Bangkok area.

Symphony, a Thailand-based telecommunications company, uses optical technology and network infrastructure services to cover domestic data transmission and other applications to enterprises as well as telecommunications service providers in the country. The solution is based on Ekinops’ flagship platform; the EKINOPS 360 and its Gigabit Ethernet aggregation, transport, and ADM capabilities which allow for cost effective use of network resources while transporting Ethernet. The EKINOPS solution requires Symphony to deploy only a single 10G wavelength to transport multiple Gigabit Ethernet circuits, optimizing the use of its metro fiber resources.

“We chose the EKINOPS solution because we were looking for a high performance, cost effective, scalable and flexible solution allowing us to deploy and transport Gigabit Ethernet Circuits over metro spans of varying distances,” commented Teerapum Piyaosotsan, Manager Network Planning of Symphony. “We like the EKINOPS solution as it is a versatile platform offering point to point, Daisy Chain and add drop Gigabit Ethernet capabilities over a Layer one 10G transport and distribution architecture which is a unique capability giving us an unrivalled flexibility to provide services to our customers. Lastly, EKINOPS has delivered the service in a record time allowing us to exceed our customer expectations.”

“We are delighted to work with Symphony and Telescience, an EKINOPS partner for our first deployment in Thailand,” said Marc Olivier, Vice President Asia of Ekinops. “This deployment illustrates the value proposition we bring to our customers perfectly. Ekinops’ multi-reach metro, regional, and long haul aggregation and DWDM optical transport platform, based on Ekinops’ T-Chip (Transport on a chip) technology, has allowed us to deliver rapidly a carrier class Ethernet and optical networking solution in a very compact, modular and flexible platform with the industry lowest total cost of ownership. Our solution in turn allows our customers, like Symphony, to maximize their return on investment using best in class technology.”

The EKINOPS Ethernet ADM capability is part of the EKINOPS 360 platform and is an ideal solution for transporting Gigabit Ethernet and SONET/SDH traffic in optical transport networks. The EKINOPS Ethernet ADM solution allows service providers to aggregate Gigabit Ethernet from many different sites over a shared wavelength rather than over individual wavelengths to each site as is required by other solutions. Using Ethernet ADM aggregation reduces the number of wavelengths in any CWDM or DWDM network and lowers the cost of the entire network.

  • Customer Name (Company): About Symphony Communication
  • Customer Description:

    Symphony Communication Co., Ltd. provides services under the name "Symphony". With an advanced wire line fiber optic technology and high-technology network infrastructure, Our Company services cover domestic high -speed data transmissions and other applications to business corporates as well as telecommunications service providers in the country.

    The network enables less expensive but higher quality services for data communications. The investment in the latest Ethernet and ATM switching equipment results in a more effective and greater network capacity to support future applications. This helps confirm the Company's preparation and it's readiness to move forward to a new high-technology era.

  • Customer Link (Website): Visit SEE TELECOM Website
  • About Ekinops: About EKINOPS
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    EKINOPS is a leading designer and supplier of optical transport equipment for service providers and enterprise networks. Our CWDM, DWDM and aggregation solutions are used by major carriers to build Metro, Regional and Long haul networks. EKINOPS' optical transport platform relies on an innovative, programmable architecture that substantially lowers the cost of building high speed optical networks.

    Using EKINOPS' 360 carrier-grade products, operators can increase transport capacity over Fiber, CWDM, DWDM, SONET/SDH and IP networks. The company is headquartered in Lannion, France, with sales offices in Europe and the US and a representative office in Singapore.

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