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NWIX Chooses Cube Optics and EKINOPS for ROADM-based Optical Transport Network

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NWIX Chooses Cube Optics and EKINOPS for ROADM-based Optical Transport Network

Cube Optics AG, an innovative vendor of passive WDM solutions together with Ekinops, a leading optical transport equipment manufacturer, have been selected by UK operator NWIX as key suppliers for its planned network expansion. The deployments provide additional capacity and reach through Ekinops’ reconfigurable add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) capabilities and support the future growth of NWIX’s high-capacity, national optical network.

NWIX, which specialises in providing Ethernet and DWDM services, was looking to increase the capacity of its regional and national network and thereby meet the growing demand for its services. The EKINOPS 360 platform with ROADM capabilities offered NWIX a cost-effective means to extend the NWIX network and build a comprehensive leading edge network.

“We needed a robust and flexible technology for our core network and for interconnecting with our customers,” noted Nick Whittaker, CTO of NWIX. “Our customers demand a low latency service which necessitates aggressive re-route times. The Cube Optics/EKINOPS solution will be used to ensure low latency; it also provides flexibility, due to its ability to start small but migrate to provide up to 80 channels per fibre pair when necessary.”

“The unique competencies of the Cube Optics' network solution portfolio combined with the technologically advanced EKINOPS 360 platform consistently provides winning value propositions trusted by telecom carriers, MSOs and ISPs," stated Francis Nedvidek, CEO of Cube Optics.

“Our optical transport solutions enable telecommunications carriers to seamlessly migrate their legacy networks toward a new generation of converged, flexible, multi-protocol and ‘green’ DWDM networks.” explained Rob Adams, VP of Global Marketing for Ekinops.

“The EKINOPS platform allows NWIX to invest in its network incrementally when services growth justifies the expense. The incremental approach provides the ideal ‘pay as you grow’ architecture which allows us to provide services to customers at a cost-effective price point from the outset rather than passing through a high investment cost that a ‘big bang’ approach dictates,” added Nick Whittaker CTO, NWIX.

“Among the deployment challenges were NWIX’s needs for high bandwidth, low latency and high availability,” remarked Mr. Whittaker. “The EKINOPS 360, which enables optical links of several hundred kilometres without regeneration, was an ideal solution for this architecture. It allowed for minimal upfront cost and lower ongoing cost due to the elimination of the regeneration sites."

“Ekinops’ advanced DynaFEC (Dynamic Forward Error Correction) and DynaMux (Dynamic Multiplexing) technologies also allow for reduced initial cost. DynaFEC, a leading FEC technology, uses software techniques to eliminate errors and extend to longer distances rather than utilizing more expensive electro-optic means to achieve the required distances. DynaMux allows for the multiplexing of any mix of service types over a single wavelength, reducing the required number of wavelengths in converged networks.”

In addition, NWIX was looking for equipment occupying minimal space while consuming as little power as possible in each of its network sites. The Cube Optics Network Solution incorporating the EKINOPS 360 platform are amongst the lowest power consuming systems in the industry.

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    About NWIX

    NWIX provide high-availability networking solutions for businesses demanding a performance environment. Our network interconnects data centres across the UK and Europe providing a platform on which systems integrators, services providers and corporate businesses can build services. The NWIX network provides both Ethernet and DWDM services to customers across the UK.

    Hosting an Internet Exchange has also enabled NWIX to develop the concept of the peering LAN which allows the exchange of traffic between all customers as if they were on a single network. Our diverse network combined with the Peering LAN ensures NWIX is a smart and cost-effective alternative to standard carrier services for both content and access provision.

    About Cube Optics

    Cube Optics designs, fabricates and sells a family of ultra-compact optical components and modules tailored to the demands of the access network. Its innovative active/passive opti¬cal packaging platforms enables the Company to provide outside-plant Telcor¬dia approved, bandwidth enhancing solutions at compelling price points.

    This ruggedized miniature packaging platform leverages advanced micro-injection molding techniques and enables network operators to realize low-cost, high-performance architectures for both large and small network deployments including legacy infrastructure upgrades. Cube Optics’ products have been deployed in a wide variety of architectures and applications including local loop unbundling, ISP network enhancements, HFC/MSO capa¬city upgrades and FTTX roll-outs as well as with equipment used in the test and measure¬ment of access networks.

    The Company is based in Mainz, Germany, and includes among its main investors: The Carlyle Group, Sevin Rosen Funds, Star Ventures and Target Partners.

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    EKINOPS is a leading designer and supplier of next generation optical transport equipment for service providers and enterprise customers. The EKINOPS 360 Dynamic, Multi-Reach Transport System provides DWDM and CWDM on a single platform that addresses Metro, Regional, and Long Haul applications.

    The EKINOPS 360 system relies on the innovative, programmable EKINOPS T-Chip (TRANSPORT ON-A-CHIP TECHNOLOGY) that enables Fast, Flexible, and Cost-effective service delivery for building high speed optical networks. Using the EKINOPS 360 carrier-grade system, operators can increase transport capacity of their networks – CWDM, DWDM, Ethernet, ESCON, Fiber Channel, SONET/SDH, and uncompressed video (HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI) – through the industry’s most efficient aggregation of services.

    The company is headquartered in Lannion, France, with offices in Europe, the USA and Asia.

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