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Italian Service Provider Infracom Chooses EKINOPS to further improve its Metro and Access Networks

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Italian Service Provider Infracom Chooses EKINOPS to further improve its Metro and Access Networks

Infracom, a leading Italian telecom and data service provider, has selected optical transport equipment from EKINOPS to further increase the capacity of its metro and access networks. The EKINOPS 360 transport system allows service providers to optimize the aggregation and transport of a broad range of service types and rates. This capability allows Infracom to provide additional service offerings to its end customers while optimizing the bandwidth utilization of its core network.

Infracom, which provides services to large enterprises and service providers and which is constantly investing to improve the performance and the reliability of its infrastructures and assets, is using the EKINOPS 360 platform to achieve more efficient and cost-effective service delivery. The EKINOPS 360 transport system provides CWDM and DWDM (coarse and dense wave division multiplexing) capability in a single platform, allowing Infracom to bring an even wider variety of services, including Ethernet and Fibre Channel, to its customers.

Infracom is based in Verona, and has branches throughout Italy, including Milan, Florence, Imola, and Rome. The provider offers an extensive range of communications, networking, and ICT services, including managed and outsourced services, to companies in numerous industries, from banking and insurance to public administration, health care, telecom, and media. Its 9,000-kilometer fiber-optic backbone network connects major cities throughout Italy.

"We are committed to constantly upgrading our infrastructures in order to provide better and more efficient services to our customers. We were looking for a more robust and scalable metro and access solution and we found that in the EKINOPS 360," said Roberto Grazzini, CIO, Network and DataCenters, for Infracom. "It is a very optimized solution that allows us to enlarge our offering to enterprises and service providers. Moreover, the responsiveness and support from EKINOPS has been excellent."

To manage its network, Infracom is using the EKINOPS MPSN (Multi-Protocol and Service Network management software) which provides a single platform for management of all service types and rates delivered by the EKINOPS 360. The MPSN is both a network and service layer management application, simplifying network monitoring and diagnostics by correlating key network information to services in the network. It enables easy identification of affected services and customers when failures or faults occur and allows quick fault isolation in such instances.

"The breadth of service types and capabilities offered by the EKINOPS 360 allows service providers like Infracom to stay ahead of their competition," said Rob Adams, vice president of marketing for Ekinops. "The EKINOPS 360 is designed to allow companies to grow each segment of their network very easily, as customer demand evolves. It is easy to install and configure, and is proving a very cost-effective solution for Infracom."

The EKINOPS 360 is EKINOPS' flagship next-generation optical transport platform, providing DWDM and CWDM on a single platform for metro, regional, and long-haul applications. It handles service rates from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps. It also offers a very broad portfolio of services including SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, FICON, Video, Ethernet, and Infiniband.

At the heart of the EKINOPS 360 system is the T-Chip, which uniquely concentrates the system’s transport intelligence into a highly compact and efficient design. It can be programmed quickly for virtually any type of functionality and enables EKINOPS to deliver new features and protocol support well ahead of standard industry chip sets. The unparalleled capabilities of the T-Chip yield reduction in cost, footprint, and ongoing power consumption, while also reducing delivery times to customers.

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    Infracom delivers integrated ICT services to Italian companies. With a fiber-optic network spanning 9,000 kilometers, Infracom supplies the widest and most balanced coverage of the ICT value chain on the Italian market. This includes from “pure” IT solutions and vertical expertise to managed services, from cloud computing and unified communications and collaboration services, to network infrastructure and carrier-grade collocation services, including high-availability high-speed transport services for ICT operators, data center interconnections and backup.

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    EKINOPS is a leading supplier of next generation optical transport equipment for telecommunications service providers. The EKINOPS 360 addresses Metro, Regional, and Long-Haul applications with a single, highly-integrated platform. EKINOPS is a market-leading innovator in 100G transport with its unique all-in-1RU® approach that truly optimizes optical networks. The EKINOPS 360 system relies on the highly-programmable EKINOPS T-Chip (Transport-on-a-Chip) that enables fast, flexible and cost-effective delivery of new services for high-speed transport. Using the EKINOPS 360 carrier-grade system, operators can simply increase capacity of their networks – CWDM, DWDM, Ethernet, ESCON, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH, and uncompressed video (HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI). EKINOPS is headquartered in Lannion, France, and EKINOPS Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary, is incorporated in the USA.

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