Location: France City: Lannion Department: R&D Contract Type: Full time

Purpose of the job

As a hardware development engineer based in Lannion, you will have responsibilities for developing, debugging and testing hardware modules for our OTN/WDM hardware platforms. You will integrate an international hardware design team (France / Brazil) to develop, transponders, optical amplifiers, ROADMs, OTN Line and Switching cards for optical transport networks.

Skills & Education

  • Engineer with strong hardware background

Main knowledge

  • Strong knowledge in analog, digital and RF design :
    • Clocking system (PLL, TCXO, VCXO…)
    • Power distribution (DC/DC converter, LDO…)
    • Analog and digital conversion (CAN, DAC…)
    • Programmable devices architecture (µC, FPGA, CPLD…)
    • Serial interfaces design (I2C, SPI, PCIe, Ethernet…)
  • Experienced with high-speed PCB design (>20Gb, Microstrip, Stripline, Coplanar…)
  • Good knowledge on VHDL development for FPGA and CPLD matrix (Altera, Xilinx, Lattice…)
  • Strong skill in CAD system (Schematic, Layout, Simulation, PLM…). Knowledge on Mentor tools would be appreciated.
  • Good knowledge in test bench setup (Oscilloscope, protocol analyzer, BERT…) and used to develop Python scripts for test automation.
  • Good understanding in Telecom and Datacom standards (SONET/SDH, Ethernet, OTN, Fiber channel…) and in telecom optical subsystems (QSFPs, optical amplifiers, ..).
  • Used to Agile development methodology (Scrum, Kanban)


Minimum of 5 years in hardware development is required.

Particular abilities

  • You are used to work in a telecom environment
  • You are comfortable working in an international environment in English language
  • You are autonomous and self-learning
  • You are continuously looking for improvement and you make proposals and alerts

To apply

Ekinops endeavours to be an employer of choice. Our teams are dedicated, imaginative and astute. We strive to work together around our core values, which includes dynamism, empowerment and customer focus.

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