Our culture

Our teams are dedicated, imaginative and astute. We strive to work together around our core values:

  • Innovation
  • Dynamism
  • Leadership
  • Customer focus
  • Empowerment
Culture of Ekinops
Perks & Benefits

Empowering networks and people

Ekinops has built an environment where people can focus on what make them tick. Where software meets hardware there are plenty of opportunities to express your talent and shape the future of communication services.

  • Broad and deep technology stack
  • Wide range of tools and technologies
  • High quality standards
  • Creative thinking
  • Pool of experts to lead and mentor

What makes our engineers tick?

In a video interview, Vincent Munière, Group CTO and VP R&D at Ekinops answers to the 5 questions of the "Monde des Grandes Ecoles et Universités":

  • The Ekinops pitch?
  • Being an engineer at Ekinops?
  • Your goal this year?
  • What is the perfect fit for your teams?
  • Why joining Ekinops?

Want to discover the many opened positions?

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